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The Mesorah Matrix Series:

An Amazing Introduction to Judaism

12 YouTube Videos by Rabbi Benjamin Blech– 10 Volumes

Featuring over 150 of the greatest Jewish scholars of our generation

Whose essays on ten major themes illuminate the major ideas of Judaism

On issues of supreme relevance to the contemporary world

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A Fantastic Series on Judaism

What is Mesorah Matrix?

The brain-child of David Birnbaum, internationally renowned author of The Theory of Potentialism, Mesorah Matrix is a historic effort to bring the wisdom of Judaism to the world through a series of volumes destined to become classics in the field of Jewish scholarship.

In an unprecedented and daring project, Birnbaum succeeded in enlisting over 150 of the most prominent Rabbis, Professors, educators, scholars and authors of our generation to participate in putting together their reflections on ten major ideas which are foundational to our faith – producing ten volumes destined to rank among the major classics of Jewish scholarship and thought.

I have had the personal honor of serving as editor for the first in the series – as well as spokes-person for the series in a set of 12 videos presently available on You-tube.

Publicity will begin shortly and we have every expectation that these videos will soon go viral, to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of Jews and non-Jews anxious to learn more about the world’s first monotheistic religion.

We invite you to be among the first to watch, to learn, to enjoy – and to share this exciting news with family and friends.

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