From Richard Joel, President Yeshiva University

Rabbi Blech is a teacher extraordinaire. As a master teacher, he has the ability to reach out to people of enormously different backgrounds. With his profound scope and knowledge, he fashions the various colors of Jewish thought into a Technicolor rainbow. Rabbi Blech simplifies without being simplistic. He expresses complex ideas in ways which make the ideas seem obvious. He both makes the profound seems simple and teases the profound out of the simple.

From Michael Medved, national radio talk show host and author

Rabbi Benjamin Blech deserves recognition as a 21st century sage— warm-hearted, wise, witty, insightful and, ultimately, inspirational.

From the Young Israel of Silver Springs, Md.

Dear Rabbi Blech,
Our Congregation is still buzzing with enthusiasm over your Scholar-in-Residence program in June.  We’ve had our lecture series for five years now, including appearances by some of the greats of the Jewish circuit, and none has evoked a more uniformly positive reaction than yours. It’s obvious that your personal participation in the Vatican discussions, your acquaintance with the late Vendyl Jones, and the research and thought which went into your book on Good G-d, Sometimes Bad World gave your talks an authenticity and appeal hard to match.  Thank you again and best wishes always.
David Hornestay,
Co-Chairman, Adult Ed. Comm.

From the Jewish Week Letters

Praise For Blech

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rabbi Akiva Males

I was incredibly touched by Jonathan Mark’s recent article, “The Midnight Sun of Benjamin Blech,” (June 8).

Our Harrisburg congregation greatly enjoyed having Rabbi Blech as our scholar-in-residence for a Shabbat nearly two months ago. Jonathan’s moving article hit the nail on the head in so many ways. Rabbi Blech has not slowed down or allowed his medical condition to dampen his spirit.

While in Harrisburg for the weekend, Rabbi Blech lectured at a nearby college on Friday, and shared four outstanding presentations with our community over the course of Shabbat.

May God bless Rabbi Blech with many more years of being the exemplary rabbi, teacher, family man and mensch that he is.

Kesher Israel Congregation Harrisburg, Pa.

From Congregation Beth Orah in Montreal, Canada

Rabbi Blech captured everyone’s attention. His topics were fascinating and the delivery was amazing. The audience which was comprised of all ages, all levels of knowledge, and all types of Jews thoroughly enjoyed the Shabbaton.

Rabbi Moshe Jablon